A Look at Some of Our Top-Read Blog Posts in 2021

Posted by Dana Funds Investment Team on Dec 16, 2021 5:04:04 PM

Before jumping into 2022, we wanted to take a quick look back at 2021, sharing three of our most read blogs from the year. Many are still relevant today, covering the key themes and trends that continue to hover over markets.

We're all grateful for the support of our many loyal readers. As always, we welcome your questions or comments.  Also, if you would like for us to cover a specific topic in 2022, we would love to hear from you. Just fill out the form on our contact us page and we will be in touch! 

Dana Investment Team 


March Madness: Seeding the Forces Affecting Stocks, Economy

2021.03 Dana Blog March Madness

After a pandemic-related hiatus last year, we are excited to see the return of March Madness. For millions of Americans, filling out a bracket and participating in an office or family tournament pool is another small step in a return to the normal traditions we are accustomed to.
Many of us at Dana Investments are college basketball fans, so in the spirit of the season we offer a more light-hearted market outlook, sharing how we would seed some of the forces potentially supporting – or disrupting – the economy and markets.

Our ESG History: ‘The Nuns Were on to Something’

2021.06 Dana Blog ESG History

With a 20-year history in ESG investing, Dana was one of the earliest entrants in the space. It all started with the request of a group of nuns. In a recent conference call on ESG investing, Dana portfolio managers shared how it all began:

Duane Roberts: Our ESG story began at the tail end of 1999. We were working with a group of nuns who needed equity exposure. This was a group that had zero equity exposure in 1999. We got them comfortable with moving into equities, but they had some issues and some values constraints that they wanted to place on that portfolio. So, we started researching the effect of having that constraint on our portfolios at the end of 1999. And then in January, we started live with their portfolio.



Five Stats That Put Innovation and Disruption in Perspective

2021.05 Dana Blog Five Stats

Disruption and innovation are the very fabric of the American economy. So it’s little wonder that investors get excited about disruptive trends. But once in a while, it’s worth taking a pause to put current disruption and innovation in perspective. Not only because the statistics can be eye popping, but because they help investors see the bigger picture, and take a long term view with stocks.

With that in mind, we offer a few short, simple statistics that put a few recent innovative and disruptive trends in perspective. The innovations are well known, but the statistics offer perspective on how far the trends have come, and how far they can still push forward.



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