Beyond Values: The Investment Case for Catholic Portfolios

Posted by Dana Funds Investment Team on Feb 3, 2022 10:36:06 AM

Many Catholic investors utilize values-based portfolios to align their wealth with their beliefs. But there are plenty of other merits to Catholic investing. By aligning to what one believes in, investors may have more conviction, and are more willing take a long-term view with their holdings.

In a recent podcast with the Catholic Planners Financial Network, our own John Mueller discussed some of the merits of Catholic investing. He also shared Dana’s own approach to Catholic portfolios, including its process for identifying morally responsible investments, while balancing those guidelines with the typical risk, return and diversification characteristics investors need for their equity portfolio.

It’s a topic of particular importance to Dana, which serves a large Catholic client base and whose Epiphany Funds invest in line with the U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops guidelines. (One of our portfolio managers was part of a group of investors giving input to the USCCB’s update of guidelines in November.)

To learn more about why Catholic values-based portfolios might be a fit for your portfolio, or to learn more about our Catholic-aligned strategies, you can listen to the full podcast by clicking here.


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