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Reflecting on 2019, but looking ahead to 2020! 

Below we highlight our most popular blog posts from 2019. We're all grateful for the support of our many loyal readers. As always, we welcome your questions or comments.  Also, if you would like for us to cover a specific topic in 2020, we would love to hear from you.  Just fill out the form on our contact us page and we will be in touch! 


Dana Investment Team 

Pros and Cons: Quantitative Versus Fundamental Analysis

Dana-Blog-37-LinkedInOf the thousands of mutual fund managers in operation today, there are countless opinions on quantitative versus fundamental analysis. Many managers use a combination of the two. Let’s dig into both disciplines and touch on the strengths and weaknesses of each.

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Explaining the Differences Between ESG Scores Among Data Vendors


Since the wave of new ESG (environmental, social and governance) specific and larger well-known data vendors rolled onto the ESG data scene, it has become more difficult for investors and asset managers to find any high-level of correlation between vendor ESG scores. In this blog we discuss some of the possible reasons for the differences in scores across companies and how users of these ratings might navigate these challenges to drive mission alignment, risk mitigation and alpha generation.

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Active Management - The Cyclicality of Outperformance

Dana-Blog-17LinkedInValue versus growth. Small-cap versus large-cap. Active versus passive. The equity markets are inherently cyclical, and sometimes a cycle can last for so long that it’s easy to forget the last time a certain factor or style was in or out of favor. These days, it seems like the style that has been out of favor the longest is active management.

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